Based in Kathmandu, Shree 3 is the brainchild of Sarad Shrestha, a popular figure in the Nepali music industry. Though the band was founded in 2016 - July, all three members are seasoned musicians from different projects and musical careers. Shree 3 was formed for the love of all rock genres be it hard rock, funk, stoner/ grunge, desert rock/ metal to heavy sludgy grooves. Shree 3 consists of Sarad Shrestha on Vocals and guitars, Rozet Gurung on Bass, Robin Neupane on Drums with Suyash Rajbhandari as the Band Manager. Both Sarad Shrestha and Robin Neupane are from the band Tumbleweed Inc., who are already known in Nepal’s mainstream as well as underground scene whereas Rozet Gurung comes from the band Childwife & Nude Terror. Shree 3 came to existence, as all three band members were involved together in different project bands before – most notably - as a grunge tribute band called Sound Chains Pilots along with other collabs in the past. Since all the members share a common taste in music from 70's classic to modern hardcore, Shree 3’s music is all influenced from all such soundscapes but focuses more on stoner rock, sludge and desert rock delicacies. The band released their debut studio album ‘Drabya Dharma’ on May 18, 2019 and toured around 10 different cities of Nepal. Their lyrics are both in Nepali and English, and sings about an individual’s day to day thought patterns or self-reflection or the issues of the common man such as money, society, poiltcs, etc. The slow sludgy riffage as well the heavier side of things has been well received by the crowd here as the band is working on their second album. Noodle would also like to take the chance here to extend our hearty wishes to Rozet for a speedy healthy recovery and comeback. Meanwhile, SHREE 3 just released the studio album ‘Drabya Dharma’ in 18 may 2019 and toured around 10 spots around different cities of Nepal. Their lyrics are both in Nepali and English, and sings all about an individual’s dissatisfaction/positive aspects to oneself, the common issues such as money, the societal issues, the political chaos, etc.


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