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They are the 2015-born Chitwan band Sabdartha. Originally created by a group of young lads who were so passionate about music that it became a new way for us to express our emotions through music. We began as a cover band and now prioritize performing original music. We perform alternative rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and grunge within the genre. The members of our present lineup are: Prajwal Adhikari, on vocals; Aman Shahi, on guitar; Kiran Prasai, on drums; Rojan Baniya, on bass; Sumit Khadgi, on guitars; and Rojesh Rajkarnikar, serving as band manager. Sabdartha is the result of the blending of two words. Word is known as "Sabda," and meaning is known as "Artha." There is always a meaning attached to a word.